User Agreement

By signing up as a distributor for the Attic Zipper ™ you are in no way binding CHI, the owner of the atticzipper brand.    You are  requesting to become a regional geographical distributor for the attic zipper and will be entitled to a login on the attic zipper shopatron marketing platform.    You will receive a 20-30 minute introductory webinar and will start receiving materials that will show you how to get customers from the platform for your business.    You are agreeing to fulfill orders for the attic zipper at a profit to your business in accordance with the terms and conditions of the fulfillment and installation agreement.    You may not datamine the order platform to create leads without becoming a distributor.    At such time as the shopatron / attic zipper ecommerce platfrom launches and starts taking customer orders you are agreeing to order at least 5  initial units (at wholesale)  for your own fulfillment inventory and replenish your inventory as you take clients from the marketing platform to fulfill.     This is not a binding order, but rather an indication of interest, you will be contacted when we receive the first containers of product and have the marketing platform up and live to the public.      You are free to convert these consumers to full home energy audits from your company and would expect you to do so.     If we receive complaints about your business practices we will investigate and if we find that there is a high probability of any type of fraud or malfeasance we retain the right to eject you from our marketing platform and you will have an opportunity to appeal any such determination.     You are agreeing herein to stay within the bournds of our published retail pricing grid which will be published and updated on   Any selling activity outside the bounds of this grid will be deemed excessive as we have set the initial grid to be more than lucrative for our distributors.    We will also reset your inventory maintenance numbers depending on your volume to guarantee no delays in fulfillment of orders.