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SHUT YOUR ATTIC HOLE!! Minimize Attic Draft, Save Energy & keep the bugs out

Saves money on your energy bill. Save $20++ or more per month. Takes 5-10 minutes to install. Pays for itself in under a year.
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Inside View Attic Hatch Cover

Installs over the attic ladder with a tube of adhesive and a staple gun. Keeps bugs, mold and dander out of your house as well. Insulation layer has an a-1 fire rating.
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This is the problem- Thermal image of winter attic ladder

The energy robbery occuring in your home
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The solution-Attic Zipper installed

Attic Zipper installed- No more draft. Energy loss halted! Bugs and dander kept out of your house. Takes 5-10 minutes to install air tight
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What is Attic Zipper?

An easy to install attic ladder cover (or scuttle hole cover) that will Save You 10%+ on your monthly heating & cooling bill.  The product will also reduce the number and length of HVAC on cycles thereby reducing wear and tear on your heating and cooling equipment.  

This product solves the largest energy leak in the average single family home. Energy auditors and Insulation contractors, Weatherization Professionals,  HVAC contractors, and even the Federal Government all agree that the attic is the biggest leak in your home and robs your pocket every single month by creating the largest energy loss in the average home.   Attic Zipper stops this leak!

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